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fuel line fitting

Car 54

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I have pulled the tupperware on my '07 R1200RT to do some wiring. While in there I checked my fuel connector at the tank. And I found..... nothing. No cracks, no leaks. All looks fine for now.


Granted I only have 10202 miles on it so this may change my first trip out after the snow and mud leave.


My fuel strip still works properly too. How lucky can I get.




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I just took my tupperware off to do a major service (oil, valves, brake fluid, tranny, final drive, air filter, etc.) and discovered my fuel pump controller decided to join morpheus forever (wouldn't wake up the bike...just a bit of futzing around until I pulled it and tried my fpc bypass wire which worked great). Chalked it up to the cost of riding. What irritated me though was having the stud break off of the muffler (silencer) clamp. I mean come on. Sheesh, the thing is hanging in the crud and they don't do anything to keep it from rusting. Can't replace just the bolt & nut either, gotta be the whole $35 clamp. Sigh.

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First thing I do when I get a bike is go over all the fittings and fasteners that I'll be likely to remove and apply some copper grease to them.


Exceptions are wheel bolts and caliper bolts & anything that is a saftey fastener.


My exhaust nut was a bit tight to wind out, when I first removed it, I greased it up and since then some 3 & bit years and 75,000 miles through 4 cruddy, salty winter miles, the nut undoes with no issues.

I pop a little back on the exposed threads when I remove the silencer for tyre changes.

A little pre-emptive maintenance is all that is required to keep the BMW is top shape IMO.



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