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Japanese tire testing


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This really blows apart all of my pre-conceived notions about tire performance. Even though it's all in Japanese, the review is so good it transcends language. Sadly they tested no motorcycle tires:



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I thought it was mildly interesting (though somewhat predictable even with my infirm grasp of the laws of physics) up until they tested the large heavy equipment tire.


I'm owed a new keyboard...



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Hahahaha those Japanese games ...always a cracker...but they surely seems to have fun.


#3 car tire, they speak Japanese through out but #3 they say sport's car < --in English.. @ 2:21 minutes :)


I need to spend at least 3 months in Japan.

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I just want to see what would happen with the huge tire if they built a sturdy enough ramp to launch that beast. And I'm really glad I wasn't anywhere near the bottom of that hill when they were doing this test. :D

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