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Taming Electrical Outlets


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I've been searching a bit for what I thought would be a relatively easy find. Apparently it's not that common so I'm asking for any creative suggestions (Danny and Tim please sit on your hands :wave:). I'm currently refurbishing our master bedroom and have 2 issues with electrical outlets:

1. One outlet is located behind a chest of drawers. I obviously will need angled extension cords but that will only get me to one plug. I can, of course, get a power strip with angled plug but I was wondering if there's some kind of angled double plug.


2. The second issue is a wall outlet that's next to our bed where there's only around 15 inches of clearance. At best it results in plugs being unplugged by accident, at worst you could get shocked. I'm looking for a low profile cover or a plug clamp of some sort. Any residential electrical gurus out there? TIA


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Thanks Bob,

That's kind of what I was thinking but I need something with as low a profile as possible. In the first case it will be behind furniture, in the second it will be subject to brushing past it while walking. I like this idea but I don't think it's feasible in my locations.

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Can you move the wall back?














We have a similar situation.

Accidental unplugs behind large bedframe/headboard (all wood).

Try some tape.

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