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Youth riding gear


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I know this has been posted and answered before. My search attempts have been fruitless so...


I'm looking for a source of street riding apparel for my almost 11 year old son. His Shoei helmet is great for the short ride home from school but I hate the idea of him not having a protective jacket and pants for longer rides. Info is greatly appreciated.

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my son is 11 years old, and is small for his age. 4_6 and 80lbs. He uses Cathy's old small jacket. A little big but there are some women's Xsmall sizes, that would fit. for example BMW airflow II I think comes in women Xtra Small, and it looks the same as the mens, so no issue there.


So far all my street riding purchases for Dustin have been women Xtra Small and except for pant leg length (cathy folds them up and staples them) the stuff actually fits pretty nice.

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That Family Motorcycling link is great! You might also try off-road retailers for gear and helmets.

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