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R1100X Valve Covers... universal?


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Curious to learn if the Valve Covers/cylinder head protectors are the same on all R1100 engines?


Obviously my reason for asking is that my R11S has road rash on both sides and I would like to find some gently used covers and the search is easier if they all fit.


I do not imagine, or see any unique features on my '99.


Thanks and if you have something, please get in touch. (this is not an attempt to sneak around the classified section)

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I believe they are all the same. Watch out for color on some special models. I also believe that the R1150 single spark are the same.

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An easy way to check for interchangeability is to use RealOEM to find the part number used on your bike. Then go back to the front page and enter that in the part-number application search box. This gives a list of all uses for the part number - even where also used on the cars.


Doing that for a '99 R1100S gave this list:


259S: Details on 259S

259S R 1100 S 98 (0422,0432) N/A, Europe


R21: Details on R21

R21 R 1150 GS 00 (0415,0495) N/A, Europe


R22: Details on R22

R22 R 1150 RS 01 (0447,0498) N/A, Europe

R22 R 1150 RT 00 (0419,0499) N/A, Europe

R22 R 850 RT 02 (0417) N/A, Europe


R28: Details on R28

R28 R 1150 R 01 (0429,0439) N/A, Europe

R28 R 850 R 02 (0428) N/A, Europe



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According to my research, just for you buddy, I see that single spark and twin spark covers are different. But any 1100 or 1150 single spark valve cover will work. There is a left and a right side because of the oil filler cap.

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Depending on how bad the rash, you might be able to smooth it out. I had a pair that cleaned up very nicely with just a little work. Once smoothed out it is easy to paint. With all the curves, angles, and shadows you just have to be close with the color and you'd never be able to tell it was repaired.

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Or if you are really anal retentive, you can refinish the surface smooth and have them powder coated so that the finish is more heavy duty than paint...not neccesary, but an option.

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