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BMW Navigator IV

Treindle 2009

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Treindle 2009

Hmmm, I've installed the bracket and charged the GPS. I just don't know where to plug it in on the 2009 BMW RT. There are two "plugs" that come out of the newly mounted custom cradle but I have no idea where they go. Any help?

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

If similar to the 2012, under the steering head you will find some connectors. Three should be there if you have the radio setup. Connect the Nav to two of those.

If no audio system, I think you will only find one mate....emphasis on think.

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When I purchased my 2009 BMW 1200RT three years ago it came with the Navigator IV holder/base plate installed in the middle of handlebars. I took if off then and was using the Garmin Oregon 300 instead.


Now I am considering to purchase the Zumo 660, which I understand is identical to the Navigator IV. I have some questions however:

1) Are the buttons on the base plate blocking the access to the GPS's audio out jack?

2) Isn't the GPS installed in the middle of handlebars blocking somehow the dashboard view?

2) I would prefer having the GPS installed above the dashboard, is there some easy off the shelf solution?

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