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R1200 cam shafts in 11xx engines?

dan cata

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Just wondering if anyone did this. I heard it is possible, but I did not find anything about this. I know the cam height and distance between lobs on the 1200 engine, will find those parameters tonight, for the 1100 engine too.


In case anyone has anything to add, that would be great.



Dan Cata

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Is this a performance upgrade or a budget issue?


You can easily have any cam reground to a different lift and duration profile, within reason, to change performance.


I had Iskendarian regrind my Studebaker camshaft to increase lifet from .375" to over .500 and change duration for a bit of LOPE ity LOPE...V8 cam regrind and re-heat treat was $125 USD.


I think your issues to measure closely would be spacing of the bearing journals and diameter of journals. Spacing of lobes. Lift, duration, and overlap. Then definately check the pin for timing the gear needs to be in the exact same postion as the 1100 or the timing will not work.


Let us know what you find.

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