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Revzilla - where free shipping costs you $5


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As Spring start to arrive, many of us look at getting new shoes for our bikes. Just a heads up that when looking for tires, Revzilla shows you tires with free shipping. Free until you get get to the check out screen and a "$5 shipping surcharge" shows up. Oddly you get $5 in "Zilla Cash" but that is for your next sale. This is the type of deceptive marketing that puts me off from ever dealing with them and talking to them - they say it is common industry practice on tires. Looked up two competitors and they did not have any shipping surcharge. Bye bye Revzilla.

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I find them easy to deal with.


It does say free shipping, but the next line notes the surcharge. Easy to see before moving on to checkout.

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Actually the $5 shipping surcharge does not show up unless you scroll down to the very bottom of the second screen and then next only on the 3rd of 4 screens as you check out.

I did get a call back from them and they recognized the shortcoming and agreed they would address it. Impressed with their follow-up and they are back on my 'do business with' list.

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I agree. If you're going to put the words "free shipping" somewhere there shouldn't be any question about it. I've purchased from Revzilla in the past and always been satisfied. It's these kinds of tactics that will send me Googling for someone else.

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Sounds like it should say "Free shipping on, not this one, but your next order".




Incidentally, in Washington, on our car tabs, the bill comes in the mail. It says something like: "Total $85". Then if you turn the page over, you find the breakdown. Just above "Total", there's another line that says "$5 optional state parks donation." So my total is really $80!


REALLY???? This is my state government pulling this B.S.


Maybe I'll move to Idaho.

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I was just at their retail store yesterday. The salesman spent the better part of an hour with me, going over different jackets. I didn't spend a dime and they were nice as pie.


They're getting my business.


If you're in Philly, it's TOTALLY worth a visit to their new store near the Navy Yard.

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+1 on the friendliness, helpfulness and vast knowledge of the Revzilla staff. Spent a few hours there a few weeks ago and if I had bought nothing it would have been just fine with them. I bought my wife gloves at $135. I got more than that in service for the amount of time and advice I got from them. I have no issue with them.


Curious, what's the surcharge for?

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"..I've bought, exchanged and returned a ton of stuff from them, never a problem. ..."


Ditto. And the credit for buying from them is nice also. Great company IMHO.

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