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That one of little kid on the trike following the guy on the side car and they are both 2 wheeling it is crazy COOL.


Also that one of the big rim canyon and the little bike in the distance riding the rim...awesome. Anyone know off hand where that is? Utah, New Mexico, Grand Canyon?


And then since I am a huge fan of girls that ride, the one of the girl on the KTM Lc4 sitting on the sand dune tip watching the camel herders...way cool



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Nice ... At least one of those (bike with gas can and spare tire strapped on back) sure looks like the Dempster Hwy in Canada on the way to the Arctic Circle.

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All new ones again, this time with a twist. Many submit photos for the ADV front page, only a few are chosen. Danny's (Huzband) pic of Sharon (Bullet) riding her XT250 up the west side of Ophir Pass with the town of Ophir far in the distance made the cut. It's a nice shot, congrats you two. I can think of a few other photogs around here with some worthy ones too, might want to give it a go.

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On my way to Kissimmee last Thu, I stopped at this old saloon for a possible tag on ADVrider. Shut down for years, it's on SR19 just north of Salt Springs in Ocala Nat Forest. Me thinks it has potential. As long as you can deal with drunk rednecks that live in the woods. :P






I remember riding by there & seeing jacked up 4x4's in the lot. And nothing else.


The building on the left is my favorite, because it looks like a real saloon. Well, except for the wall mount a/c.

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