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Autocom Logic vs. Super Pro Auto


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Hi gang,

Trying to decide between the 2 models available through Autocom.

They way we will use them is we'll have one mounted on each bike. We'll use the bike to bike, gps for routing/music and intercom when she rides pillion. Chances are, we'll use the Etymotic in-ear speakers we already have. Since we are planning on using in-ear speakers, the SPA system's helmet speakers will not be a contributing factor to our needs. Neither will she need separate music or phone attachments while riding pillion. The I-VOX for independent rider and passenger voice activation will not be a huge factor as she would be on her own ride for the majority of the time. So that leaves the A-VOX for automatic self-sensing and adjusting VOX level control based on varying noise levels.


How important/convenient is the A-VOX or some other features that I'm leaving out? I'm thinking that the Logic system may just work fine for us. Or am I mistaken with some of the assumptions above?

I appreciate any comments/opinions/suggestions. Cheers!


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John Bentall

The Logic should be fine. If you bike-power the unit, then you can power a compatible radio as well.


I was very seriously considering a Logic unit myself recently but went with an old Active-Plus only because of speaker compatibility with existing helmet installations (Logic 8 ohm impedance, Automatic 32 ohm impedance).

If you have an existing helmet install without speakers and just earbuds, then there should be no difference. Otherwise you will have to change speakers.


The extremely portable Logic has been developed into rider training system here in the UK.

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As I found an old thread and read and read all that I can get my hands on, based on what we need and how we operate, it seems that the Logic may just be all that we need. Thank you for confirming my findings. Cheers.

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