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Going down-hill

Paul Mihalka

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I once followed a motorcycle with "OLDFART" on the rear plate. That was a very scary day that turned out well.

I hope this dismal patch of road you are now on quickly turns better and you are able to keep your spirits up until it does.


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Guest Kakugo

Paul, I remember fondly the debate we had on scooters so know you are in my thoughts.

I've lost way too many good people to cancer and I don't want you to be one of them so don't you dare yielding to it.

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As many have already said, you are an inspiration to us all, and while I've not personally ridden with you, from what I hear you'll outrun this one as well...



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pAUL :

I've got your name inked in my daily prayer book.

It won't leave until all good news comes from it.

Just know that I am storming heaven for you, my good friend.

Get ready for some serious long distance anointing brother.

Hang in there and TRUST.!!


Blessings all over you today -



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Thank you for sharing your health situation with us Paul.

We are keeping you in our prayers and continuously in our thoughts.

Barry & Katy

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Just read the devastating news. Godspeed my friend, you are a motorcycling historian and gentleman. We should all be as fortunate as you for your generous life expereince contributions to motorcycling.

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I wish you didn't have to go through any of this. Keep remembering that the love, hopes, and prayers of riders you've inspired all over this country are with you at every step.


Love you -


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Dearest Paul,


I meant to come here the other day when I first heard about your news and post, but I really have enjoyed reading the pages of love pouring out from so many here. Remember, that you really only need one of the liver's three lobes to survive. :thumbsup: As others have reminded you, look where you want to go and don't focus on the obstacle in your path . . . or you might just end up heading in that direction.


So nice to read from so many old timers here that I haven't been in touch with for so long as well as the newbies who haven't even had the pleasure of meeting you or riding behind you and watching you smoothly carve up the road. It is a testament to your influence in our lives, my friend--both virtual and ITRW.


But lest this thread become too maudlin--since we know you're not ready to hang us all up quite yet . . . what this thread needs is: MORE PICS!!! :clap: (I really miss this little waving guy, too . . . and so does Greg Haverkamp--no matter what he says! :) )


Does he REALLY go by the handle "OldFart"? and what is this I hear about testicles??




I still smile when I recall you telling us all about getting out of a ticket because the officer who pulled you over couldn't bring themself to write "OLDFRT" on the actual citation!!


I remember meeting you only briefly in Gunnison at the first BMWRT.com UnRally in 2002, when I was just completing my own battle with cancer:




. . . and I've had the supreme pleasure of getting to meet you again at so many UnRallies and Torrey's since then (and Leslie and I still have more consecutive UnRally's than you!! Na na na na Na Naaaaa!! :) ) and even got to visit you and Maria at your home with Spike and Patti back in 2011:




I know you will handle this tricky downhill section like you have handled so many in the past. This next section may yet be uphill for a bit, but you have never before shied away from climbing any mountain or crossing any divide:





Surely you know by this amazing outpouring of support that we are all pulling for you and sending you and Maria our own varieties of energy, karma, prayers, JuJu, etc. for peace, healing and comfort as you weather this storm. We'll see you down the road again soon, I hope.


Ever so fondly,


Jamie, KMG-365

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Les is more

And how about a little history, Scarecrow? Our Paul has put well over 1,000,000,000 miles on BMWs and that didn't start until 1972! Imagine the total of all of his MC miles!!


About Paul




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I think she meant more than 1,000,000 miles (in fact, I thought it was around 1.2 million last time I checked . . . JUST on BMW's, mind you, since he started his racing career in 1952 on an AJS!) :)

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Hey Leslie, If I give a $1000 cash will you write me a check in return? Don't worry about any extra 000 you might add...lol


I am still waiting on this lesson on riding DOWNHILL Paul. ;)

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I haven't been around much in the last couple years. I am glad I stopped by today and read your post.


Paul, don't let the negative rule the day. You are a fighter and will beat this. Doctors and modern medicine are pretty darn good these days. Sometimes they mis-diagnose. Sometimes, miracles happen. You are in my prayers. I believe in answered prayer too.


I WILL see you in Torrey or another gathering place of your friends again.


Keep the sunnyside up my friend.



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Hey Paul:


Another check-in from the Great White North. Best wishes from Linda and me.


I strongly support Leslie & Jamie's idea of more pictures. One from UnRally 2008.




And I'm sure someone must have a better photo from a certain wedding. I think Dennis was a bit worried that Paul wasn't going to give away the bride:




Mike Cassidy



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Great idea, Mike!


Here's another goodie from the wayback machine: "The Three Muses from the UnRally III at Cody"




(I seem to recall this was one of Paul's favorite pics from that year. I know it was one of Raaaan's! :) )

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Thank you Jamie and Leslie for your posts. There are so many wonderful stories to tell about Paul and motorcycling. The link above is good but just begins to tell the wonderful story of Paul and his love and life long connection with motorcycles!

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There is so much love being sent to you from your BMW clan alone I wouldn't be surprised if you recovered spontaneously! :Cool:


But if that's not enough, Jamie was right. You don't need the whole liver!


Love and best wishes from Craig & Terri!

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I just dropped in to see who's still around - and found this. Drat!


Well, God bless you, Paul. You'll be in my prayers.


And best wishes to all.



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Paul I was so sad to hear about this news yesterday from Jim Ford who called me.I had stopped in Battleys last Saturday hoping to see you and Drew said you wouldn't be in today because you were not feeling well.You have been such a good friend and inspiration to me over the past 20 years.Paul you and Maria are in my prayers.I am here for you,if you and Maria need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

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I just read your post and all its replies. Words escape me at the moment but I take comfort in reading all the warm and wonderful words our fellow members have written to you.


Please know that we're all sending you much love, prayers, and positive thoughts from across this country and, I'm sure, around the world.


Best wishes,


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I have never met you but know this hope and faith is an amazing healer. I want you to know that it must warm your heart to know so many people here love you and care for you. Keep the rubber side down.


Many Blessings

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I swiped this photo from someone here. I love this photo of you Paul




First time meeting you in June 2002, with Laney on our Adventure




Second time meeting you - at the first UN a month later






.........and there have been many times since then, but not nearly enough. You have inspired me time and time again. Keep your focus, as you always do, and know we are here with you.


You want me to ride down there? :D



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Paul Mihalka

Update, the worst kind: Stage IV liver cancer, the end.

Guys and gals, these loving messages are the most beautiful gift you could give me.

I Love you all!

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I do not know what to say here.

I am very sorry. Spend as much time that you can with family, friends and loved ones.

I would say, that you seem to have lived your life to the fullest and seen and done most things that you dreamed of. So when that time does come, I know you have lived a good life, and I am thankful that you have shared so much of it with people like me, even though it is just through the internet for me, it is still a valuable experience for me.


Thank you Paul for all you have done, and still do to add experience, comedy, and flair to the internet.


I love you too Paul.



Thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family.

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You are an inspiration in many ways.

We are here for you and pray that whatever comes

you will find a way to deal with it.

Anything you need just ask.

There'll be plenty of help offered.

Beth and I send our love.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Shit. :cry:


Paul, it's been an honor and pleasure to have known you - and I will surely regret not knowing you as well as some here. From what you've shared with us, it seems you've led and extremely interesting and rich life, and enriched many, many others along the way; I can only aspire to your example.


I will miss you.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Paul, for years now I've had these four pictures on my office wall:










I have enjoyed telling people that I know the gentleman in the photos. :)

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The worst news.... :cry::cry:

Paul, Meeting you and getting a glimpse of part of your incredible life has been a blessing.

Stay as comfortable as you can and know that you have impacted so many in the most positive way possible.

We love you Paul......

Prayers for you and Maria..


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Paul, for years now I've had these four pictures on my office wall:



Does a high resolution digital version of those photos exist?


I would love to have a copy for my wall.

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Paul, I am blessed to have known you for 12 years. You were the person who told me about BMWST and the reason I came here. You made this a better place. I have no words other than ...god bless you.


Your friend,



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:cry: Paul, I hope with all my heart you find solace in reflecting upon the amazing journey you've had, the love that you share and have shared with dear ones, and the love, repect, and admiration your many, many friends have for you. I too count myeslef privileged to have known such a gentleman as you. Peace.
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Joe Frickin' Friday
Paul, for years now I've had these four pictures on my office wall:



Does a high resolution digital version of those photos exist?


I would love to have a copy for my wall.


Paul has kindly shared a number of his old pics with us:




and here


more here


He's also shared stories of his time in South America on those pages, too, and here.


There are probably others that I'm missing.


The pictures I showed above came from this external website which recounts - in Spanish - some of the racing excitement behind those pics.

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Although our get-togethers over the years have been short and fleeting, I have valued all of them highly.

You are a great person to know. Your accomplishments, stories, and you just being yourself has always been a wonderful experience. My life is much richer as a result, and I thank you!


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Thank you for sharing your story. and life with this community. I wish you and your family strength and peace as you face this chapter together. Prayers to you all.



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