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Going down-hill

Paul Mihalka

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My dog and I are howling at the moon right now in your honor. Sending you our strength and spirit. Be strong Old Fart. You are a part of our lives and our thoughts and energy are yours if you need them.

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Jamie, Amelia, and I are all praying over you and your family. Your inspiration, friendship, and encouragement over the years while I and my family faced our own challenges helped carry us. Allow us to now carry you.


Keep us posted and know we are there with you and your family, no matter what.

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Paul, you have touched my life with your sensible wisdom, your life story (I thank you for sharing it), and your happy disposition. Like others, I view you as a role model.


Take this one step at a time. I will join the chorus, and hope for the best.


With Love,



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Hi Paul. Thinking about you from the Pacific NW. I enjoy your company and can't wait to hear of your clean bill of health.



-Steve & Valerie

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The Missus and I send all the prayers, karma, good vibes, etc. that we can muster. If there is anything we can do to help in any way..

Kick this in the butt Paul- you CAN !!

As others have said, listen to your doctors- they have treatment options. A positive outlook on the outcome is essential !!

Also waiting for good news on your recovery,


Mark & Jessica

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Dear Paul,

I know that feeling of "not feeling optimistic". I am very sorry to hear about this situation. I am sure that there a few possiblities as to what that could be and some of them are bad, really bad.

But, while not neccesarily being optimistic please do not get down and pesimistic or defeatist. A good menatal outlook can do alot in a healing process.


To go along with that good outlook, know that, as you can see from all of the post here already, you are also very loved here.


For you to say "love you all" is really nice thing. I learned a few years ago never to miss an oportunity to tell the people you love THAT you love them. I have also learned that telling them WHY we love them is beneficial. So, for me, I love you for all of the great stories I have read from you, the years of knowledge you have shared here and on ADVrider. You definately have a great and poetic way of expressing your adventures and lifes experiences. You definately seem like a guy I would love to have over the house, have a beer with and bench race.


You did not specifically ask for prayers and I do not know if you are a religious person or not, so I will say you will definately be in my thoughts.


Get well soon and know that there are sists and tumors that are just lumps of tissue and there may be a minimally invasive course to better health...so keep us posted and know this may just end up another one of your stories. I hope so anyway.


your pal



PS: On a lighter note, when I saw this thread I opened it thinking you were going to give us a riding lesson on decending hills.. ;)

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Paul, you're in my thoughts and prayers. However "not optimistic" you may feel, I'll stay positive that you will get though this and I'll see my good friend down the road.

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Paul, so sad to read this. I was just talking about you yesterday in a local bike shop that specialises in vintage Italian bikes. They have this Gilera Saturno sports for sale,




Keep the happy times in mind and fight this battle, don't let it pass you on the final corner.


with love in my heart,



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Paul, obviously a lot of people around here care deeply for you. Count me as one of them and know that we're thinking of you.

You've got plenty of tread life left and there's probably just a couple of roads you haven't been on, so we look forward to seeing you on them.


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I will pray for you and your family, and say Amen to all of the blessing and hopes expressed by this family of which you are such an important part.

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Paul... it was my pleasure to meet and chat with you over the years at the Torrey events. Still many more to come I am certain.


We are sending the vibes and energy your way. I will buy the next round.


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As so many others have expressed, my thoughts are with you, and hoping this is just a minor bump in the road. Many liver tumors are benign, and are 'easily' remedied by surgery.


Keep your head up and plan on a recovery - target fixation can affect more than just riding!

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Paul you are in Deb and I thoughts and prayers. You are such a positive inspiration to us, so you stay positive. Deb's dad has survived cancer twice now, it can be done.


Alan and Deb

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Paul, while having never met you personally, I do think I know you quite well from your numerous posts here... you are an inspiration to a lot of folks here. Here's to some comfort in this trying time and please let me (and others here) know if there is anything I/we can do. And as the results come in, know that not just your immediate family is pulling for you, but your digital family as well.


All the best,



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Paul, you've been on so many journey's in your life. This is just another journey that you are experiencing and I know that you will get through it. Sending you all the healing zen I can. Best wishes and you hang in there....

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Dear Paul,

Because of you Gar and I kept coming back to Torrey. We were sitting outside the Chuckwagon wondering what this Torrey thing was all about when you came up to us and introduced yourself. It was around dinner time and no one was about except you. We sat and talked and you explained about this wonderful group. We decided then that we wanted to be a part of it. Through the years and events seeing you and getting a hug has always been one of the highlights.

This tumor is a very scary thing but you've been in tight spots before. All of us are here for you and postive energy is flowing your way. Prayers, big hugs, and much love for both you and your lovely wife from both of us. Your wonderful roadtrip continues!

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We are praying for a good outcome on your treatment and your speedy recovery. Wish it was in our power to do more. Hang in there big guy!

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Damn, Paul, that sucks a truckload. I doubt there is anything I can say that others haven't already. I'm thinking happy thoughts.

Don't be a pessimist, though, it won't help.

Plus, you haven't met me yet so there's that to look forward to. :grin:

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Felt the need to post again,


As a racer you know to race the track not the person next to you. Sometimes we face a chicane in the path. Brake hard, downshift, carve your turn, power on at the apex, twist the loud handle, and upshift.


This tumor is the person next to you. Eyes up and race the track my friend!

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Sad news Paul. The true measure of a man (or woman)is in how they deal with adversity. Whatever the outcome Paul, I am certain you will be magnificent and once again, a model for us all. I look forward to seeing you at spring Torrey.

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Paul, I don't think I ever remember a thread zooming to 9 pages of responses in less than 24 hours. You have a huge group of people pulling for you.


If it's any consolation, a guy I used to work with (one of your compatriots, named Bela Gazdy) was diagnosed with stage III liver (I think, possibly stomach) cancer 3 years ago. After surgery and some nasty chemo, he's doing well. You are a tough old bird, so hang in there.

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Dearest Paul... Sending thoughts of love, light, peace and healing to you as you face whatever this is coming your way.






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You have come around a corner, and an obstacle is in your way.

It may be something you have never experienced before but you have had a hell of

a lot of life experience. You will find a way around this one too Paul.


Thinking of you and confident in a positive outcome.

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Paul, I've got to believe that you have many more chapters to write in your storied and inspirational book of life. I know I'm not nearly finished reading about your journey. Obviously, you've had, and continue to have, a huge impact on a lot of folks around here. You've certainly inspired me over many years and I have always been grateful for your kindness toward me when we've been together during riding weekends. You're a special "Fart" and you are in my heart and in my prayers. Stay strong and keep planning future trips. Love ya, brother!

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Hey Paul, you are one of my many heros. I know you have the strength to beat this, whatever it may be. Everything else I've typed sounds silly, so I'll leave it at that.


If there's anything I can do from way out west, say what it is and will be done.




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Hey Paul,


Like most of us, I really enjoy your posts, your wealth of knowledge, and the great, often old, photos that you share. Several years ago, I read Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries. While I'm sure there is no resemblance, I have always stuck the old photos and stories you've shared with Che's book. Somehow, they belong in the same compartment in my head. Don't ask me to explain it. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy that. Somehow we have our own personal Che on hand here, with your trusty La Poderosa...


How does the quote go? "On La Poderosa, man! La Poderosa!"


Stay strong brother.



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Hey Paul-


Damn bad luck there on that and as with EVERYONE here, the bandwidth is flooded with the virtual hugs and hopes for your recovery and hopes of many more miles in the saddle. Yeah,.. Tough old fart says it all!




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Paul, it's been so hard to think of what you're going through and to write to you about it. You are an inspiration. To many. And to me. We spoke privately in Torrey about coming changes in your motorcycling life. It was a heartwarming conversation and I remember it well.


Te considero mi amigo, y mi hermano en motociclismo. Amo tu espiritu, y deseo que te mejores, y que disfrutes muchas millas mas.


Un abrazo grande y una aseguranza que voy a rezar para ti y para que de una manera o otra, nos veremos por lo menos una vez mas en moto.





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Mr. Paul, Pablo, so sorry to hear this news. Though we've never met I certainly feel like I know you. You've imparted so much wisdom, wit, guidance and loads of love to SO many here for such a long time that it is truly difficult not to feel like we've actually met in person. Unfortunately it seems like the closest opportunity I had to meet you was the Topaz UNRally when you broke your ankle (not far from my grandmother's home) then later that week I got to hear of your mileage award at the MOA rally in Oregon. Most recent was Sir Richard's deer strike where he had to admit that Old Fart had tried to warn him not to ride on that night. So much wisdom imparted....if not always followed. I sincerely hope your time here has not expired for I feel you have more wisdom to impart upon us.........I could certainly use more of your wisdom!




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