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Been using AVG for 15 years. Free for home use, consistently rates highly, can easily set up updates and scan and is very configurable.




I've heard good things about Avast but never used it.


Edit: Also, a good anti-spyware program can help a lot. I've used Spybot Search & Destroy as long as AVG and it works very well and is free, too. Configuration is a little more advanced but scheduling for updates and scans is easy.

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if you are using windows 8, there is a very good anti virus included


if you are on windows 7 there is "windows essentials" and that has worked very well for me. Windows essentials is a free download.

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Norton and Mcafee are two of the most popular products. I have used both. I got hosed pretty good last year with a virus of unknown origin that slipped through my mcafee. Thanks goodness for my backup drive. The new pc which is about 6 months old came with norton. Who knows if free or paid is better. I do know the paid versions have teams who work around the clock to inocculate problems, but never bullet proof. Of the two Norton has turned out to be the easier one to use. I can disable Norton easily if I need to. Not easy or in some cases not even possible with mcafee.

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Or, get a Chromebook (starting at $199). Zero known exploits, and Google has posted Pi million dollars in prize money to anyone who can crack their security.

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There is a free version but its worth the small $$ for the Pro version with realtime protection and scheduling. I used to run the free Microsoft suite, but got hit with something that made it through. Only Malwarbytes was able to clean it.

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I've got a Dell laptop that's only a couple months old. It came with the McAfee stuff.


I must admit, however, that I haven't watched enough porn to really test it out (yet).



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If you are on Windows 7 use Windows Essentials (free), plus Malwarebytes (also free). WE is rather highly recommended by some very knowledgeable people.

The WE will run in the background all the time (like Norton and McAfee), and Malwarebytes will run on demand.

I have used Norton and mcAfee, and had to use Malwarebytes to rescue my computers after they were taken over, so Norton and McAfee are susceptible to some viruses/trojans. WE may also be susceptible, but at least it is free, and they aren't dinging your credit card every year.

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