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Anyone out there rebuild alternators?


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Sorry if this has been beaten to death, but I couldn't find an answer searching the archives. Does anyone out there know of a shop that rebuilds BMW moto alternators? I bought a high mileage used one last summer from someone on this board. While it works well, I'd like to have a backup. The one that died might be rebuildable, but I don't know where to go. It will need new bearings at the very least.



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Any auto-electrical rebuilder should be able to undertake the work - the alternator is just a 55amp Bosch unit, as used on smaller European cars.



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John at Euro Moto Electrics is most helpful and also has remanufactured units and might have spares for you.


Quite a few of us have done business with him. Good guy, good products at fair prices :thumbsup:


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