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Brake Fluid Flushing an 06 RT


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Just wondering if anyone has any special advice visa vis brake fluid flushing on an 06 RT. I post this here after seeing DR's comment about the ease of flushing an 09 in another thread (wanted to avoid a hijack). I don't think my 06 is as simple to do and I'm planning on doing mine in the next month or so. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA.

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The '05/'06 is different from the '09 in that our models have the Whizzy Brakes, a.k.a. Servo Assist. This means that the brake service has, basically, 4 fluid circuits that need flushing as opposed to 2.


It also requires the use of a funnel-like device to flush/refill the servo... called a Mini-stan.


Basically this is a funnel with a small pointy-end (sorry about the technical jargon)... and a cork or plug to screw/push it into the servo controller. This allows the fluid to remain above the level of the controller and not spill all over the place.


They used to be available at Beemerboneyard.


If you have a copy of the Von Baden service DVD for the 05/06 it is pretty clear on the subject of doing the flush.


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Thanks hopz that' kind of what I thought. I did buy the funnel from beemer boneyard a while back and I do have the JVB DVD although I had forgotten that. In the interest of time I had the dealer do previous flushes but I'm going to do this one myself. Other than having to remove the tank to get at the servo reservoirs I can't see that there's anything "special" to worry about.

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Here is yet another tip.... do not begin this flush with a full fuel tank... or even a half... or maybe a quarter.


You will have to remove the fuel tank...it can get a bit heavy if you are working alone.


Tip 2... when you remove the tank... keep up with the rubber bushings on the lower/rear, right/left side. Much like small screws they will attempt a relocation out of the known universe. Pesky little buggers....

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It'll go smoother then you think if you follow the flush order.


Only headache we had involved the rear brake. Somehow (probably while unscrewing the rear reservoir cap - didn't hold the bottom so it wouldn't "turn" with the top) we twisted the hose going from the reservoir down to the rear brake lever to the point no fluid flowed. Only took us most of a weekend to figure it out, and that was after doing the whole thing over again!


Seems the hole in the bottom of the reservoir is not centered, so if it turns, the hose turns with it, crimping the line. Never even considered it until buttoning it up to take to the dealer, looked down & saw the twist in the hose. It was that simple. Well, after the fact anyway. We had a good laugh on ourselves. :)



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You know you made a good point, luckily I noticed when I was flushing my RT brakes system that when I was screwing back on the rear reservoir cap that I noticed that the reservoir itself was twisting.. So maybe obvious to some, but that is a good CAVEAT that should always be mentioned to someone when first doing this.. (It would have saved you some grief!)

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