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New model Autocoms?


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That’s right John, we did say January 2006, but this month isn’t quite over yet! And perfection is well worth the wait, I promise you.


In reality the new UK brochure will be ready in 2 weeks, website 4 - 8 weeks, new systems will be going out from about the first week of Feb, plus some delivery time for exports. I expect the USA and Europe dealers will have stock by about late February to early March.


We do apologise for this short delay but we just couldn’t help ourselves when we had even more ideas how to make them even better, the then some more.



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all I have to say is HURRY and get some ready for the Washington DC motorcycle show NEXT WEEKEND (Jan 14-16). I planned on looking them over there in person as well as seeing what my new bike will look like (1200GSA ordered). Autocom looks like the leader in this stuff and new features are greatly anticipated.



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Im looking for one too...Is there any word on what the changes are? I am thinking about buying one of the old ones and just using it, unless there is something totally awsome about the new ones?

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Tom B: are you going to have a booth with the new stuff at the Dealers show in Indianapolis(USA) next month? If so I will stop by to see it.

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The new product spec’s are far to many, high and advanced to put on this forum without being unjust to both them and you,


I believe TopGear will be at Indy and have sample products and FULL info. (Best to give them a call direct)


I will just say you can expect some really nice and cleaver touches that makes Autocom even more special, including exceptional pricing and value for money.


Again I am sorry for the short delay in the launch but I hope to get the FULL spec’s to you all as I said above.


Of course BT is a popular subject (for a few) at the moment and I can confirm that the new range are uniquely designed so that they can all be expanded (Plug & Play) to accommodate BT at a later date, (that we are SECRETLY working on, so DON’T tell ANYONE). You know me, I wouldn’t launch a new product until I thought you were ready for it!!!, which is why you have had this wait.


We are also looking at all other BT products available to see what we could recommend to work with our new products when the P&P BT adaptors are available, but the futures been considered and BT expandability is built in to our new products and until then its leads as usual for now.


I will just say I think a lot of people will really enjoy the EXTENSIVE results of our intensive efforts. REAL SOON.


Again sorry to anyone who can’t wait?



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I ran across an autocom document today with info about the new autocoms. It looks like the pro replacement will be MSRP $475. The major difference seemed to be extra inputs so your second rider can have their own iPod and cell phone.


I think I am just going to buy one of the pro 7s locally.

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I'm still holding on to my seat hoping there will be some good news in new products as relates to CB radio, but my grip is weakening. Any hope there confused.gif

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