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SE Comfort Food Finders March Lunch


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March 9, 2013 at 12 PM is the time and day for the next SE Comfort Food Finders Lunch.

Kinsley and Bernie would like to invite you all to meet up with us for lunch at 12 PM:

Deano's Italian

110 W Jackson Street,

Dublin, GA 31021.

Telephone: 478-275-1117

Deano's Italian


This will be the last one for this Fall/Winter season, so go ride and explore central GA, bring a friend and join us for lunch.

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sorry track day on the 10th first one of the year, so need to spend the day preping the track bike and generally getting the RV out of winter storage. Plus diesl truck needs fuel filter and oil change. lots to do, so little time :-)

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Two's in...


Terry of Perry, formation flight?


Hutch, of Perry


Plot a course, I will be your Wingman.



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Bump, bump,.




I spoke with the restaurant and they expect us.

As for parking, there is limited space up front, but they have a rear entrance with a large paved lot, as an alternative.

See you all Saturday around 12 pm.

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Well Danny, if it makes it easier to decide, we could ride after lunch up to N- AL and have dinner.

I promise you less dirt on my roads then on the trails.


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Well, lunch will probably be better in Dublin than at HardRock. All though the company is questionable. :grin:


hey, hey, hey I resemble that remark!

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Really good to see everyone, wonderful lunch, excellent choice.

Great ride over with Hutch, perfect weather.





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Home safe and somewhat sound.

465 miles for a great meal.


The company was even better and we found some nice roads

through Georgia.


Thanks Ken and Bernie for planning these get togethers

as it really seems to keep the flame alive.



Danny, I was buying your lunch, missed you.


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More of what Huzband and Matt missed:


From Ken's end of the table.



From Marty's end. The brick oven made most excellent pizza.



Bernie suiting up.



The rest of the gang.



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Hey, what was up with those home made chips?

Outstanding and mysterious.

Any guesses about the "coatings/spices/etc?


I'd go back just for the chips.


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Home last night around 10 PM, great weekend, had dinner with family in N-AL Saturday night.

Ken, thanks for letting me follow you guys part way back to Atl.

Also thank you for helping me organize the SE Comfort Food Finder Winter lunch events.

Also a special thank you to everyone braving the horrid weather in central GA. :clap:

See you all at HeleN Back 2013 and The UnRally.

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Hey Cheryl, good to see you on the forum. Between Helen and FART ya'll have seen enough of this mug.


You and Dave coming to HeleNBack II next month?

Tell Dave I said hello.




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