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Battery for my 03 1150 rt


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Hi all! Been away for a few years. I am about to change my battery and would appreciate any recommendations. The bike has not moved for about that long.

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Glad you are about to get back in the saddle! :thumbsup:


Yuasa 51913 (conventional lead-acid Battery). Drop in replacement, Japanese technology adopted by most major manufacturers etc. ;)


Odyssey PC680. You won't find many complaining about this battery. Rock solid, completely maintenance free, lasts long etc. Requires minimal work to fit (a couple of L-shaped brackets and a spacer).


There are many, many other brands out there but Yuasa and Odyssey (Enersys) are the only one I'd buy from.

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I think the last battery was a bmw one that was dry cell but cant remember now. I know it said I had to use the bmw battery tender to charge it and not a regular one. ???

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Ralph, welcome back! For battery by far the premium choice is Odyssey. IMHO any trickle charger will do. The bike doesn't know either what battery is in it, and it works.

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Had good luck here.


Welcome back Ralph :wave:

If you go with the Odyssey make sure to check the

Include L Adapters $5.95
box as you need these to connect the bikes +- cables to the battery.


Also there is a positive terminal extension piece available to allow temporary access (charging or jumping) without having to pull off the Tupperware.

I made my own out of a piece of copper with a 1/4x20 (or so) bolt silver-soldered on (bolt is insulated with a piece of surgical tube).

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Hi Tim. Nice to see you again. It has been a while since I posted. Been checking in from time to time but not a log in. I'm planning to get back on the bike this spring and slowley ease back into riding again. I will have to do a battery change since this one is not starting but clicking. I can charge it probably but dont want to take the chance on getting stuck out somewere. There are no BMW shops here in OKC any more.


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Picked up the battery from the place tou posted. Since they were 15 or so miles away I drove over & they gave me a better deal than the price on your link. The young guy gave me a lecture on batterys & where they are made for 1/2 houre. Anyway, Thanks for the info.

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Ralph, Great to hear you got it. It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to place the L brackets. I think everyone has their own ideas. I think I had to flatten the Bat end of the ground wire to make it fit.


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