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Spin-Day wish


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You could have learned a thing or two from my late mother.

For starters, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"


Also you could wish Greg a happy belated B-Day.

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Good reminder Eric



Happy Birthday Greg


+1 on both counts. It must get confusing when he posts in almost every thread.

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"Can I list a used politician for sale in the classyfrieds? :/


Used politician? I'd think you'd have to pay somebody to take him.


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Thanks all for the wishes, folks. As we get older, plus or minus a few days doesn't matter... :) It all becomes a blur.


That's why it's called 'over the hill' - and we're picking up speed!



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Never-mind the philosophical explanation of age/time acceleration.

I want to know if you got any cream puff used politicians in Que :lurk:

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