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upper front brake hose & barbacks


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02RT, hose gets a bit snug on full left & full right .




Had planned on set of speiglers but I'm going to get caught up in the budget sequester and lose 20% of my income, real bummer.

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Afternoon Twinsig


Maybe-- first, try re-routing it (the hose) on other side of bars.


Or-- try bending, or moving, or add an extension tab to the lower TEE that the hose fastens to.


Or-- buy & install a longer hose.


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Thanks man, I'll take a look at option 2. Hopefully i can get by with that, but one other issue are the ohlins in need of rebuild, unavoidable.



And, in the words of a famous divorce attorney (mine).

......."cheer up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it'll get worse"............

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