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Short notice So. Ca,. ride.


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Great ride. Tina over feed us. Wheather and company was great and when I left no curb side conversations with undesirables. Thanks John for posting this up.See you all in April I think. :clap:

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I guess this is the check-in...


In at 6:30 and a great 370 miles. What a blast! Even the off roading... Great to see everyone.



Check those tyres out Joe!


Coriolis effect - Wikipedia



Frank, I wish I were a yuppie having a latte in my Road Chief.



Enjoy and see ya'll next go around.


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What tires? or What tyres?


I wish the Road Chief fellow well. A new old idea. He must have a connection with the Indian Motorcycle Company. 100K is a lot.

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A couple of pics from this ride:


Interior of Tina's Diner in Maricopa





And some nicnaks she has on display











And one of our rear tires near the end of the day up on ACH



So we were heading out of Gorman and everyone is waiting for someone to take the lead. Groanup indicates that I should take the lead since no one else knows where they are going. Well, I only made one wrong turn when I missed the Pine Cyn turn. The other way only goes about 200 yards then a sign says something like No County Maintenance Beyond This Point, so I got us turned around, but then I didn't wait for the others at that intersection and that caused a bit of a delay while we rounded up the lost. Mr Duck, where were you when we needed you??? :)

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Great camera you got there. Tina's looks pretty unique. The riding gear makes some of us look a little, well on the heavy side.I thought my wife was washing my levy's in hot water again. :grin: When you turn up old ridge route you make a quick left. How was that road looking?

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Nice shots John! Glad you finally were able to get these up.

Ya know, that photo of the tire makes it look even worse than I remember! :eek:

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Ya know, that photo of the tire makes it look even worse than I remember! :eek:


Yeah I think I remember reading about some aberration in the frames of the 1100s that made them predisposed to odd wear like that.

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Mr Duck, where were you when we needed you??? :)




I'm touched...you guys missed me! :thumbsup:


(but I woulda kept going on that "not county maintained beyond this point" road...just to keep up on the RT offroading skills!) :rofl:


Don J :wave:

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Your a bad bad man :grin: . I have tried going (all the way) and unfortunately the gate is to tight to go through. The old ridge route is a historical road that my dad used to take over to the 99. Great views of pyramid lake and castaic.

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Hey Y'all,


John, thanx for those great pix! That's my tire showing a bit of baldness on the left side. The solution is to either lean VERY hard to stay on the rubber or lean ever so slightly to avoid the bald spot. I am currently tallying every single turn I make to see if I really do turn left more often that right...yeah, right...ain't no one got time for that!!


As always, great ride with great company,




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