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Fried Headlamp Connector


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So my left headlamp has gone and I went to check it tonight and the connector has melted on one side!!! Looks like it's taken a bit of the wire insulation with it too!!


Is there an easy way to repair this? Can you buy a replacement connector to crimp on..?

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Nice n Easy Rider

I had a similar problem with my rt. headlamp but it is still usable. I've been holding off on the repair because I think you have to open up the whole instrument cluster to have enough room to splice a new connector on.


I did find this source for new connectors:



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Are you talking about the little black plastic thing that holds the terminals? If so, when mine broke on my 05 RT, I threw them away and never used one again. Made it easier to connect to the spades on the end of the bulb.

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The others have given you information on parts, and I'd like to speculate on the cause so you do not have a reoccurance.


Assuming you were using the recommended wattage bulb a likely reason would be a loose or corroded connection. It can be good enough to keep the light on, but if there is any electrical resistance the result can be over heating resulting in the damage you have on your bike.

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I think the bulb was not secure under the clip, the right side was not down, that's caused a loose connection...


Does look bloody tight in there to splice a new one in!! The spade connector needs replacing as it's not in great nick and the wire insulation has burned so that needs sorting.


How easy is it to gain better access..?

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