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2007 R1200RT Air Filter


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Can I use the 2010 air filter (13 717 706 414) in my 2007 R1200RT that calls for part

13 717 672 552? They look pretty much the same.





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Evening Lloyd


Can you or should you?


The 2007 might very well fit but BMW obviously changed the filter for the 2010 up so there must be some difference. It might be a sealing thing, or an air flow thing, or a noise abatement thing, or a water handling thing, or maybe total filtering area, or ???? something we don't know.


Keep in mind that if your bike is still under warranty & you fail an engine (especially if on the road away from your home dealer) the BMW dealer that you have recover the vehicle might deny any warranty claims based on using the incorrect air filter (that has happened in the past with incorrect oil filters).

OR- even if you are out of warranty a non-correct air filter could cause a BMW/Dealer denial of any good-will warranty help.


Common sense tells us that if the 2007 filter was correct for the 2010 then the parts book would have the same part number listed for both bikes.


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Be careful with K&N crossreferencing. The KN-164 fits a 2004 GS, 2006 K1200LT, F800GS, 2009 S1000R, 2011 Camhead and everything in between. It is a wonder they have more than one part number per manufacturer. And don't even think about calling them to ask what the bypass pressure is or the flow rate. It is curious that K&N and HiFlo part numbers are the same.







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