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Anyone Here Have a Yamaha WR250R?

KTM Doug

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I stopped riding due to my back about 7 years ago. Actually it was at Torrey whatever in 2005 when I brought several friends there with me.


Well I wrote my bucket list out recently, gonna be 70 in a couple years, and it turns out I only have one thing on it. That is to do a dual sport ride to Colorado and the Ouray area and also parts of Utah one more time with a young friend. So, in about a year we are planning to go. So, trying to loose weight and get into a little shape and hope the back will let me.


Looking at bikes. New Honda CRF250L, not enough power. My friend says that when I get riding again, I was fast enough that I will be able to outride the suspension and power really fast. He forgets how slow I really was. :D My choice, KTM350 is a skycraper. I can't get back off the thing. So the WR250 Yamaha appears to be my choice. It is easily lowerable. I found a used one with 350 miles on it, so it is tempting.


So my question, does anyone here have one and what do you think? Have you taken it to altitude where years ago, 350's were marginal? Inquiring minds want to know.

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I was looking at one some time ago when I dreamed of dirt.. lots of good info on advrider about it.


For what you describe it seems perfect, but power is somewhat subjective. More so the WR seemed to need to be reved out a bit. I never rode one, so YMMV.




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I would go with the WR over the Crf250L. Better suspension and everyone I know that has one loves them.


Any small bore thumper is gonna be reved out a bit at any higher speed, but MUCH more fun and easier, safer even, on any off tar excursion.

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My only concern is altitude sickness on a 250. I have done all of Colorado passes many times but on DR350, KTM400 and 640. I have a pic of me coming down Black Bear on my KTM400. I remember pushing a fellow on an old Honda 250 years ago, up part of Imogene that the 350's went right up. But that is not one of the new fuely bikes. I figure they have as much power as out old DR350's. I also had a DR400 but it was top heavy, tall and really wasn't all that powerful. Never could get it to carburate quite right. Never had any of my fast enduro 2 strokes up as high as Colorado and I want a street legal scoot.

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Yeeha! Stephen
My only concern is altitude sickness on a 250.


There's a circle of friends in my local BMW club that switched to the WR just for the fuel injection cure for altitude.

They've done the Divide Ride, and the Forever West Dualsport Loop on them and loved 'em.

They started with 650s on the TransAmerica Trail (riding East to West) but swithed to 400/450s half way through. Before moving on to the previous mentioned rides, all save one, switched to the WR. One die-hard KTM-er is still on his 450.



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YeeHa and Steve, how ya been? :wave: Long time, no see. Steve, I have been researching and yes it's injected, but no HP. The Yama seems to have 6-8 more stock and way better suspension. Think the last time I saw you was at Gleno's birthday (Food Fest 1) when you and my wife were the last men standing at our table. :grin:


Going thru old pics. Have a good one of YeeHa, standing with a group including AZ Al and Leslie at the first Hill Country Ride in about '04 or '05.


Marty, yooo!

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Plus with time under it's belt you know what breaks. And you can find used ones all farkled up (bash plates, bigger tanks, etc..).


Doug, I remember that! I'm amazed I'm still alive!

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I've ridden a WR two up to around 10-11,000' and it seemed fine, didn't notice any difference. big-t and dhanson have had theirs over 12k I think with no ill effect also. I believe it'll do what you're looking for. You do have to rev it though.

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Thanks for the replies. My new 2013 WR is being delivered tomorrow. :thumbsup: Now to start the mods, like lowering it so my old bod can get on and off the thing. Once broken in, and if I find I can ride it, then the real fun begins like real tires, gearing, skid plate, etc. Maybe exhaust and some computer programming for a little more zip. Or maybe, stock will be all I can handle at my age. :Cool:


So, Colorado here I come again and hope to go to Torrey and ride with Killer :clap: next year.

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What Bill said, big -T's WR seemed to do just fine when I rode it in Colorado. Just had to keep the revs up, I liked it a bunch.


Avoid tomichi pass.... Or any ride that T says " has just a short stretch of rocky spots..."







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if you do end up likeing the WR250R, and your riding skills grow, there is a well documented and seems very reliable upgrade kit for the WR250R. I think it is a 290 kit. from what I have read all comments on the WR250R user forum highly praise this upgrade. When I looking I was torn between the BMW 450x and the WR250R. I was afraid at 6_5 260lbs the WR250R would not work well for me. So I bought the BMW. However for the riding I do, I think the WR250R would have been just fine. I have no regets about the BMW, it is an awesome bike. But in retrospect, I am doing for more forrest, tight single track riding and I think the slightly smaller 250 would have served me just as well.

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I have never had a motor this small. I raced 250 and 350 2 strokes. All my 4 strokes have been DR350, KTM 400 and 640. Maybe the little motor will keep me out of trouble while I try to retrieve just a little of my past 40 plus years in the dirt.


I have done most of the Colorado stuff several times, so some of the planned trip next year will be a redu. Gonna spend a little time in the Created Butte area where we have never been. I have a nice pic of me coming down the stairs on Black Bear. If someone else heads to Colorado, I can recommend riding the Holy Cross City jeep trail, near Leadville. Pretty gnarly way up top.


Poughkeepsie Gulch has a nice rocky stretch :grin:

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Please post your impressions A LOT.


If my birdie doesn't come through and they don't bring us a plated WR450 this year I'll be seriously looking at this as my next dirt bike!!

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It will do any altitude no problem, but the power it has is high rpm. Some have reported doing 70mph on the slab, but I couldn't get much over 55mph.


Following Killer in Torrey on some easy gravel switchbacks, I could only muster 45mph at best, just not enough power to blast on the short straights before you had to slide/turn/bleed it off in another corner.


On Black Bear and Imogene it was superb, but I did have some 450cc MX guys blast by me and I was unable to keep up, and believe me I tried for a bit!


P.S. On the G450X, it was an animal, it did have the HP plugin, but it was a beast, would not be my pick for DS type offroad. Now, some friendly MX type stuff might be fun for a while.

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Some have reported doing 70mph on the slab, but I couldn't get much over 55mph.


Following Killer in Torrey on some easy gravel switchbacks, I could only muster 45mph at best


Ok, how big was the tool pouch? :grin:


Same thinking as Phil, wishing and waiting for a plated 450 from Yamaha but setting myself up to settle for the 250. The little two-fifty sounds a little uninspiring though.



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