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BMW Scooter Review in Autoweek


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The delay in getting the scooter into production was due to the need to address some quality issues which raised more than a few eyebrows at the BMW AG headquarters. Still, next to any BMW bike it feels like a Mini next to a 3-series or even a 5-series: cheaply made and overpriced. *

Due to this and how the big scooter market tanked in Europe I expect BMW won't make that much money on it, unless they have a stroke of marketing genius or somehow T-Max owners betray Yamaha en masse.


The problem with these big scooters is they are not aimed at people looking for convenient urban transportation: if they want some extra oomph they'll just buy a 300cc, not much bigger than a 125cc but with a good engine (scooter-wise). These scooters are status symbols, because as everybody knows bigger is better! :dopeslap:


* Please don't tell me how good and great the BMW Mini. Both my mother and brother have them and I know enough about them. ;)

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Having ridden a UK spec version a few months ago (commented upon in this forum) I still think there are 'niggles' to be sorted.

Not least was the multi use ignition switch on the test bike, that

felt as if the key would break whilst trying to engage the steering lock.

Was really keen prior to the ride, but disillusioned afterwards.

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When I decided to go the scooter way, I knew the BMW are coming but they were immediately out because of price. I was looking for like new used. I wanted the lightest handiest scooter that meets my personal power/brakes/handling/carrying capacity needs. I had a 500 mile test ride on a Tmax and a 500 mile ride on a Majesty. The Tmax is supposed to be the most motorcycle like scooter but I picked the Majesty. Since October I already put 4000 miles on it, and for me it was the right choice.

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When the Progressive motorcycle show came to Atlanta, I visited the BMW booth, and sat on the scooter. I had a hard time getting off, because the hump on the passenger seat was so high. My wife pointed out that it's a step through scooter, so it's not necessary to swing your leg over the seat....


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I like the idea of scooters. I like the idea of BMW making scooters. But I don't think a 650cc, 575# beast qualifies as a scooter. Yeah, the design makes it a scooter and not a motorcycle, but that's about it.


If I were to buy a scooter, and it's not out of the realm of possibility, I wouldn't go over a 250cc model, just something that will comfortably do the 45-50 mph required on the roads around here. Hell, I suspect that a 150cc could do that. I used to work with a guy who commuted from St. Petersburg to Sarasota over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on a Helix and it ran 70 mph and 70+ mpg, no problem.


That puppy weighs what the RT does but has 1/2 the HP and the same MPG. Not really seeing the reasoning for it's existence except as a marketing exercise. Cut the cc's in half, boost the mpg (20+) and drop the price a pile and I'll give it a real thought.


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Interesting. Having lived in Germany for 20 years I guess I sometimes forget trends are different in the US. I bought a dealer demo of the GT last may to use as a grocery getter, run around, back and forth to work, lane splitter into the city alternative to my RT. I have to say, I am not disappointed in the least, this scooter (you can hardly call it that) has excelled in every way.

I am able to lane split through rush hour traffic that resemble stadium parking, I can merge into German speed autobahn traffic with ease, it carries well more than I need, and the actual fuel economy is better, far better than advertised. So it's not my RT, got it, but it is a great alternative to taking my curve burner to work.

All in all, I am absolutely happy with it.

Just my two cents.



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I'll be taking one for a spin at some point. I loved my Silverwing, and the Beemer looks quite similar, but with potentially better feel because of the bigger wheels.

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Yeah I was a little cautious about getting one, but after riding it for an hour or so I was sold! Solid as a rock, rollercoaster like grip and WAAAYYYYYY more than ample power...easily pulls the front to max extension and eats a whole bunch of normal bikes off the line. Don't be fooled...it may be a scooter, but it isn't timid.




p.s. and beware, people will see you smiling as your zipping through traffic or smoking the local smarta** off the line :rofl:

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