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after market backrest


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I bought mine used with one.

liked it very much but was a pain to throw a leg over. Removed it after about a year. If I were to go on a long tour i would put it back on.

my 2 cents


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New design to me, price is right.


But, not comfortable with the design if you carry pillion.

Protrusion seems like it could casue a passenger injury .

Just my .o1 and worth half that...

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I rode a friends RT for maybe 40 miles with a backrest.. HATED IT. Couldn't wait to swap bikes. It forced me way to forward, maybe the way it was adjusted????

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Considering that when I sit on the RT, my ass/tailbone is on the edge of the rear seat, a back rest like that would a problem if not painful. I'd pass.

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I see alot of these aftermarket backrest for the rt on ebay, Has anyone tried one yet?
Looks like a knock-off of the Bakup back rest. If it operates the same (and it looks like it has the proper springs to do so) then it folds forward by placing a hand on it which allows you to easily throw a leg over (although not necessary - I don't push it down much because I can swing my leg over it without a problem).


I like my Bakup backrest. I like being able to lean back on the highway and it doesn't get in the way when I'm riding a little more spiritedly. It's also necessary I think to get any real use out of highway pegs like the Elfs or the Mick-O-Pegs. If you don't have something to lean back against you can't get as good leg extension.



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My Bakup rest is AMAZING - wouldn't do without it on day-long rides. It folds forward, but I can swing my leg into the saddle without doing so. When the wife rides, she feels more secure, somewhat like a saddle-horn. I echo DiggerJim with the highway pegs, as well.

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