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The Italian U-turn - It Takes a Village


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Surprising to see that in Italy. The stereotype I have of Italian drivers is one of skill and aggressiveness.

I recommend a Smart for that Fiat 500 dumb ash.

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My wife about the same thing, at night, leaving a Women's Club meeting, drving my company van. Thier solution was to remove the rear bumper to give them a little extra room. She was an hour lat getting home.


She doesn't read my posts.

She doesn't need to know I told this story.



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Trust me, there's a reason I rarely (if ever) go south of the Po river. ;)

Italian drivers are very aggressive but usually their aggressiveness melts away once they leave straight roads. They also seem to have serious issues with parking, as proven by the huge number of cars with the distinct impression of a road sign post in their fenders or rear doors. :grin:


Last time I was there I even saw a brand new Ford Transit van with a big dent (bridge?) on the roof top. :rofl:


Hence I am not surprised by this video.

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