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BMWMOA Board of Directors Nomination Accepted--I am asking for your support


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Hi All,

If you are a MOA Member I am asking for your support and vote in the upcoming elections. My resume and 'position' are below:


I have been a member of MOA since 2004, and a member of my local club, Riders Association of the Mid-South (RAMS), Memphis, TN. I ride, mostly solo, and mostly distance. I attend stationary Rallies and like to camp, but I also participate in riding Rallies and like see what strange things the Rally Master (RM) has in store for you. I have been re-riding for about 18 years; early riding wasn’t experience, more like thrill seeking, and being lucky, very lucky. As far as motorcycles, I feel strongly both ways, I currently have 2 BMWs (K1200RS & R1100S) and a Harley (FXR3). I have several local motorcycle clubs that I ride with and have dinner socials that aren’t brand specific and enjoy all of them. Started riding BMWs when a friend clued me in on how safe they were so I decided to try it, bought a low mileage 98 K1200RS Taxi and have been hooked ever since. He didn’t say anything about how great they ride, or how cool they look (my reasoning for buying a R1100S). Nor did he say anything about the camaraderie and especially the camaraderie of the R1100S guys at the TOR.


I am a one person Civil Engineering Company providing Professional Engineering Services in the 5 States I’m licensed. Previously, I was one of four owners/principals in a 75 person engineering firm that I sold 10 years ago, and formed Rehkopf Civil Engineering Company. My wife says I did that so I could ride more! In addition to my civilian world activities, I started military life as a Private in the Marine Corps (Parris Island) and retired as a Captain, USN Civil Engineer Corps (long campfire story).


My background isn’t much different than other MOA members so why am I running for the BOD, and what can I offer?


Why? I simply don’t think the MOA provides enough organized rides, activities, etc. for its members on a month to month basis. Although the activities such as the Weekend Getaways are definitely the direction to go, I see that more could be done at the National level to enhance local club activities. The International Rally is a once a year activity and if you can’t make it then you wait a year. Most members’ experiences come from the local club and its ability to provide what the members want. Some local clubs are very active some are not; some organize rides, and events others need help. Simply put: I want to help make local clubs a ‘good deal’, because you can’t drive people away from a good deal. The good deal making is certainly a local issue but the MOA should be a much stronger supporter, and hopefully if elected I’ll pursue that help.


What can I offer? As past President of several local chapters/posts of National Engineering Society’s I know what a National organization can do for you and how much help they can be.


Ride Safe,

Robert Rehkopf

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