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2012 - Factory Radio-Nav IV-Senas SMH10 and SM10 -2 Iphones ????


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I have the above stuff. I did the SM10 to the rear speaker wire configuration. It works. I am now trying to sort out the best way to get everything to work together when riding with a passenger (who has the other iPhone)


I paired the Sena SMH10s to each other----INTERCOM


I paired each SMH10 to a SM10 channel (it has 2)---BMW RADIO AND NAV COMMANDS CAN BE HEARD BY ME AND THE PASSENGER


I paired each iphone to its respective SMH10---RIDER AND PASSENGER CAN USE PHONE AND PLAY IPHONE MUSIC


The system isn't super stable. It seems that the order that things are paired and turned on and off matters. Q: Is this true?


Further Questions:


1. It seems with this set up, because the iPhone is not paired with the NAV IV and doesn't use the BMW BT system, I cannot answer and make calls through the NAV IV. This seems like a loss because its almost impossible to make calls from just an Iphone--Gloves, I'll drop the thing, etc.

Q: Anyway to integrate the NAV IV with the iPhone?


Q: If not, will Siri work if iPhone is paired to SMH10?


2. I was also thinking it would be nice to use the BMW connector in the glove box and plug my iPhone into bike's system and then both me and the passenger could listen to my iPhone's music via the SM10. But, maybe this is too much complexity?


3. Mop up Question, Can anyone with the exact configuration that I have tell me what they recommend? Precise instructions concerning what type of pairing to use (multipoint, Hands Free, etc) would be great since I really don't understand this stuff very well.


Thanks a lot.



Q: Anyone try this?





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Dean, I'd suggest you go over to ZumoForums.com and post this..


A user, DANHAM has a pretty complicated BT set-up using the sm10 (or sr10?) etc.. and he is pretty good with BT, etc..


You've got a very "demanding" set-up. I have iPhone>Zumo660>SMH10 (and paired to my wifes SMH10 for intercom)

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Thanks, I am likely trying to do too much. Right now with the SM10 tied into the rear speaker wires, the BMW radio and Nav IV work fine, although I have been getting some dropouts so I probably need to tweak some setting.


I have not attempted to pair the Nav. IV with the iphone yet. I am not sure if I can make it all work. Perhaps if I pair the phone to the Nav.IV in HFP (If the Nav has that option). Then I could hopefully use the Nav. IV to make and receive calls.


I would then just pair the SMH10 to the SM10 using Multipoint pairing??



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In case this might save someone else some trouble. My current configuration with the above setup is:

1. Pair the SMH10 to the SM10 using MSP (media selective pairing on the SMH10. (Section 7.1 of Users Guide)

2. Pair the iPhone to the SMH10 using HFP(hands free phone setting on the SMH10 (Section 7.2)

3. Pair iPhone to NavIV using ONLY the "PHONE"option in the NavIV bluetooth menu.


This set up lets me hear the BMW radio, GPS voice prompts, and visually shows an incoming call on the GPS. I don't have full Phone functionality with the NAV IV, i.e. can't access the iPhone phone book. Can't voice dial. But all and all it seems to work.

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I don't understand why your pairing your iPhone both to the SENA and to the GPS? Why not "through" your GPS?


iPhone> Zumo660(aka NavIV)> SENA SMH10


iPhone to GPS using the HFP protocol, and then from GPS to SENA via A2DP protocol


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My pairing was my first successful attempt at having a stable setup. If you have done the pairing as you suggest and it works better I would like to know that and I will gladly follow.

I am not sure I follow exactly your suggestion. The pairing from the gps to the Sena using the "Audio" pairing option that is on the gps's Bluetooth menu? Is the Sena pairing mode changed as well to pair it with the gps per the above step. I am not sure exactly how to do what you suggest. Again, I am new to this stuff. Thanks.


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Dean, Yes, you are pairing the SENA to the GPS using the AUDIO choice in the GPS. You are pairing your phone to the GPS using the phone choice. Now I don't have my SENA manual in front of me, so I don't know if there is a certain way (on the SENA) that you specifically do.. as to pair that way. It is in section... 6.13 or so... off the top of my head. I'll have to check for you. It will pair the SENA to GPS via A2DP protocol.


I use my GPS for my STEREO music also this way.. Zumo MP3 player.

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I want to thank everyone. The suggestion that I contact Danham was key. I posted on ADVRIDER and got a lot of help. Here is the (for now) final configuration:


SM10 hardwired to BMW audio system for music


Pair both SMH10's to the SM10 for music, using Media Selective Pairing setting on SMH10s (Sena User's Guide, 7.1).


Pair my iphone to the BMW Nav IV for PHONE on the NavIV. Don't attempt to pair anything with the AUDIO pairing option on the NavIV.


On my wife's iPhone pair to her SMH10 using HFP (Phone Call Selective Pairing).


Last, I would pair the SMH10s to each other for intercom use.



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Glad you got it straightened out... BT can be a handful! Yeah, Dan (danham) has been through his share of BT work and seems to have it figured out, better than most!



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