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The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude

Glenn Reed

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A couple of years ago, Mike posted a thread about his Dad, called "Be Posative" about his Dad's outlook on life. Many of us found it inspirational.


On Sunday, while watching the elongated pregame for the Super Bowl, ESPN broadcast this story, wherein the message is


While I am a Ravens fan, I believe the message presented by Matthew Jeffers is one that resonates well outside of Baltimore, or football, or sports in general.

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Thanks Glenn, your thread is timely and most appreciated. Ironically, it was the heart felt tributes to Gleno in my first readings here that enticed me to join this board so thanks also to Hannibone for marking the anniversary of Gleno's passing. The two threads are, at least for me, conjoined. I'll try to explain:


There has been considerable sniping of late on some of the "Other Topics" threads (and I'm not an innocent in this) that has pushed me of late to look for fresh air. In this regard Kath and I travelled to Toronto this past weekend to see the recently released documentary by Paul Saltzman (Prom Night In Mississippi) "The Last White Knight", a story about his involvement in the civil rights movement back in the 60's and his return to the South to meet and interview Relay de la Beckwith, a KKK member and son of the man who killed Medgar Evers. Delay assaulted Paul during his activites to sign up black workers to vote. The essence of Paul's work is captured in the group Moving Beyond Prejudice whose mission statement is: to directly and positively impact the attitudes, beliefs and prejudices of students, youth-at-risk and adults...", and encourages one to do as Mathew Jeffers articulates so well and that is to recognize that "The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude".


I will also add that coming away from the weekend my thoughts were and are about others on this board, Mama Hoon comes specifically to mind, who have captured that spirit of 'Good Attitude' throughout posts they have made here. It is those like Leslie and Mathew Jeffers who supply me with that 'fresh air' I seek.


While we never met my thoughts too are of Gleno and the laughter and positive approach to life he so embodied. Ride on!

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Having had the pleasure of meeting you at last year's RCR I have come to enjoy your thoughtful NON-argumentative input around here. I've found there's a natural ebb and flow when it comes to sniping but it never lasts long (it might be cabin fever :grin: ). I find that, in the end, the honest good nature of the vast majority of BMWST members shines through. Your post is an excellent case in point.


Now if you have a specific post in mind, I can go over and post something stupid which usually defuses the situation when people begin to point at me and ridicule. :rofl::dopeslap:

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