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Thinking of changing from DSL to Cable Internet...


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Trying to save some pennies.


Thinking of switching from Verizon DSL to Brighthouse Cable Internet and phone.


Cable company has a deal - Digital Cable, Phone, and Internet for $49 for 12 months.


Except for the $8 rent on the digital box and the $3.50 rent on the phone modem... and the $49 charge to set up wifi... add the tax and other charges it will be more like $64


Right now I am paying $50 for internet and $31 for the digital and DVR and $63 for cell phone


Anyone made the switch?


What are the pitfalls of making such a change?


My math I will save about $70 per month and will still have digital cable - internet - and much better phone service (I hate my cell phone :mad: )


Thoughts :lurk:


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I have been happy with the quality of my Internet and Cable here... Time Warner. Don't have phone with them.


But, as I have heard from others, the speed of the connection goes down dramatically after "suppertime" during the week., and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


I even pay a premium for higher speed... and it didn't help much.



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What's the price after the 12 months? That's where they really get ya.


We have unbundled service. Just internet (35Mbps download/ 4Mbps upload) is about $40 a month - we don't get any TV services at all.

The phone service from the cable co (even bundled) is more expensive that an standalone land line. But we have two VOIP services instead - Vonage ($18/mo) and Ooma (~$3/mo)

Vonage is our business number/fax, Ooma is our home number. (We've even talked about consolidating them and dropping Vonage entirely. Ooma isn't entirely reliable for faxing, but we don't do much of that any more....)


Finally - a cell phone is different from a home phone. If you can (and want to) drop cell service, more power to ya. But most people are going the other direction. If I had my way, we'd drop the land lines entirely (and use an e-fax service) but my wife is a bit of a luddite, and it's not worth the headache of the argument to me to save maybe $20 a month...




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We have unbundled service. Just internet (35Mbps download/ 4Mbps upload) is about $40 a month - we don't get any TV services at all.





Who is that with? I wish I could find something similar as we don't have cable (or a TV for that matter) and no land line. We pay about the same, but for much slower service - the last time I looked here, to get that kind of speed unbundled was crazy expensive.




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VOIP.MS is 99-cents a month and a penny a minute for each line you port over or set up new. Every conceivable feature accessible through their website. Does not require a computer but you need to buy a "phone modem" ("ATA" about $65, can handle two lines) to connect to your internet modem. Works fine.



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