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electrical issues


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My right turn signal no longer comes on. My heated grips only work when they want to and my headlights always stay on when bike is being rode. This issue started two weeks ago. My bike is a 2006 1200 RTP.

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The headlights stay on all the time on "regular" RT's... do not know about RTs in Police trim.


The first place I would look is all the wires near the front of the bike... around the bars and the headstock. Looking for signs of wear and or modifications to the wiring harness. Who knows what has been modified in the bike's history?


For sure, there is no pattern of these things in the normal course of things.

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RTP's notorious for wiring issues.


Have you checked and verified that bulb works in turn signal by swapping w/a known working one?


Headlights on is mandatory for bike w/it running.

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