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2002 R1150RT Intake snorkle

Tuna boat

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I have a 2002 R 1150RT that has aloud air sucking sound . And I was wondering if the intake snorkel has a gasket where the two half's. go together . Thank's for any help in this matter .

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No gasket between the halves, in fact there's a fairly large air gap there. Maybe something has gotten into the intake tube attached to the air filter.

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Morning Tuna boat


When did this sucking sound show up?


Has it has always been there or is this something new that just started?


You might look at the air cleaner cover for proper sealing & gasket integrity, make sure the rear snorkel is properly seated in the air cleaner box, verify the rear (rubber) TB intake boots are on properly & sealing correctly with no cracks or holes.


Look the air box over for cracks or distortion & be sure it is not grounding out.


Might also make sure you have the correct air filter.


If the intake tract is sealed correctly & you still have excessive intake noise then look at things like camshaft timing, plugging exhaust, ignition timing, or leaking intake valves.


Most (non normal) intake noise is (usually) caused from the air box cover not installed properly, rear snorkel not properly in the air box slots, or the cover gasket leaking.


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Some info the bike is new to me . And this is also my first BMW . So the sound I 'm hearing might be normal . Seems to run ok just louder than other bikes I have owned in the past . I'm also comparing it to a friend R1100 RT .But I was more concerned about the big gap where the two pieces fit together . So I'm going to put it back together and ride it for all she's worth .

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No dude, that sucking sound is actually coming from your checking account.

Heh, heh, heh! I know it's off-topic, but just too funny! That is how I often feel myself!

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Joe Frickin' Friday
But I was more concerned about the big gap where the two pieces fit together.


That gap is supposed to be there. It assures that any rain driven into the front end of the snorkel can fall out of the air and drain (through that gap), leaving rain-free air to enter the airbox through the second part of the duct.

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Have you checked your airbox for a filter inside???

If there is one there and it isn't an orange/yellow colour, it could be a K&N. They will give you that "big sucking sound" ;)

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