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Mechanix Original Gloves


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Since I was a boy I have used gloves at work, while gardening or while working around bikes, hence I have tried a wide assortment, ranging from disposable latex-free gloves to acid resistant ones. I am not saying I am an authority on the matter but I get through quite a few pairs each year so I have a bit of experience on the matter.


And among the worst are these gloves. They are marketed as to provide sensibility and a minimum of protection. In short they should be great for working around bikes. They are also very expensive: by buying a few pairs I was able to get the price down to 20€ per pair.

Let's start with the worst issue: they are among the least durable gloves I've had. Seams are OK but fingertips will wear down very quickly, invariably after a few uses. What good are gloves with holes in them?

The second issue is sensitivity is nowhere near as good as marketed, even for the 0.5 version, which has the added "bonus" of wearing down even more quickly. I have just thrown away the last pair. It had only been used five times before the usual gaps started appearing on the fingers.

The final issue is they appear to be non-washable. Even hand washing them in cold water with a mild detergent ruins the fabric used on palms. What good are 20€ a pair gloves I cannot even wash them?


The usual criticism I hear is I "wear them down" by intensive use. But this doesn't explain why the super cheap working gloves I buy from our local version of the Dollar Tree last much longer, have good sensitivity and can be machine washed multiple times.


I know Mechanix has a huge offering and I am sure many of their products are top notch but these particular gloves are not worth the enormous price tag attached.


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Hmmm, my result are a little different.


I wear the Fast-Fit Mechanix all the time. I think their durability is pretty good for a sub $20 glove, the tactile feel at the fingertips is pretty good. I've washed mine several times. Once the oils impregnate then it's pretty much all over though.


One other thing I've found, with the fast fit I can operate the iphone without removing the glove.


I've never cared for the feel around the wrist of their "Original" and I wish their gloves had just a little longer finger length. But I wear them working on the bikes and other things and I can't imagine not having them.

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They must charge ya'll a premium for shipping them overseas haha. Over here in the states they Originals run about 20 dollars USD, and the ones I use all the time for everything from, actually riding the bike, to working on it, to mowing the lawn, to flying, to competitive shooting and training, to blah blah blah are Mechanix Fast Fit gloves.


They last me between 6 months and a year depending on how much I use them around oils. I have found that brake fluid will eat through them VERY quickly. For oily work I generally use nitrile gloves anyway.


Sorry you had a crappy experience with them. Mechanix does have a really good warranty though you might want to contact them and express your disappointment in them and they'll probably send you a few free sets.


Edit- I usually wash mine monthly. I just put them on as if I was wearing them and wash my hands like I would if I didn't have gloves on. Then lay them out to airdry.

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Morning Kakugo


Personally I have always had extremely good luck with Machanix Gloves. In fact that is about all I use for riding gloves in warm weather.


I usually don't wear gloves for normal mechanical work but do wear the mechanix gloves for metal handling & metal fabrication as well as light welding tasks.


Are you sure you had genuine Mechanicx gloves? There are a lot of Chinese knock-off's floating around in the US here & those are real crap.


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I can go through a pair of gloves pretty quickly...no make that I can go through a glove pretty quickly since I always wear a hole in the finger tips of only one glove and it is always the left glove. But anyway, I've used a variety of gloves in the fire service including extrication gloves and found they can make for a good glove when working on my vehicles. While you give up dexterity, protection and durabilty go way up.


The ones pictured are my spare pair. These are good until you need a better touch for the task. At that point I usually go with no glove or a regular mechanic's glove. Using this type of glove has greatly extended the life of my other gloves.


One word of caution: Some extrication gloves have a barrier to protect hands from micro-organisms that cause infectious diseases. These are not the glove I would use for work on your vehicles or around the house. Once your hands are wet from sweat the liner may make it almost impossible to get the gloves back on if you remove them.


They are a bit pricey. I paid about $60.00 for these on Amazon. You might want to check there or ebay first. Look for extrication gloves. Fire/Rescue suppliers also sell them, but they often are more expensive.



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I would like to try a pair of the new CG all leather Mechanix. No one stocks them it seems and I hate laying out $50 for trial and error glove sizing.


I think their products are top notch and could never fault the quality. I would love to see them add a motorcycle specific line.

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No, these weren't knockoffs but the original stuff, bought from an official dealer and all that jazz. :)


I could have put down the issues to a faulty pair but when three pairs all fail in the same manner and in a short time, it just means they aren't cut for the job. Ar least my hands.


So I will stick to my cheap (though EN-stamped) work gloves for the moment being and if I'll find some other brand in the future I'll give it a try.

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