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Moto Man Decal


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I bought a couple of Moto Man reflective decals a couple of years ago. Have one left and want to install in on a new helmet but I've forgotten how to apply the thing.


It has a transparent film on one side and a paper backing on the other side.


Anybody remember how these things go on?





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Generally with vinyl decals, one removes the paper backing leaving the "sticker" on the clear or translucent sheet (so you can see where you're sticking it). You apply that to whatever you want it stuck on, then - carefully - peel off that transparent film.


That's not 100% true, but if you try to separate the layers one layer should come off by itself exposing the adhesive side of the "sticker."


Did that make sense?



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The top layer is called "application tape." As already described, peel back the paper that covers the adhesive. The sticker should stay on the application tape. Position the sticker where you want it and press it into place. The application tape should then peel off easily.

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Wouldn't hurt to clean the helmet first. I'd use alcohol.





...and perhaps some soapy water for the helmet. :rofl:


My recollection of decals is that the paper covers the sticky side. If you position the decal where you want it on the helmet and then begin pulling the paper off from under the decal progressively you'll have less trouble with bubbles/creases etc.

Of course we'll need to see a picture of the final result.

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Thanks to all for the replies. I think I've got a clear picture now of how to proceed. I only had one decal left and didn't want to screw it up trying to apply it.

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