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Sena Firmware Upgrade


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I just did the new firmware upgrade from Sena and let me just say WOW!!! It appears that the volume is going to work perfectly for me. A wee bit of history, during my years in the infantry, I sorta lost some hearing due to a sudden rise and drop in sound in succession multiple times over many years. While my neighbor stated that the previous firmware volume was plenty, I still had a hard time hearing it all, mainly making out words. I could hear the sounds but it was a bit of a mush-mush. My neighbor would not even need to turn his volume all the way up whereas mine was always maxed out. So, I bought a Schuberth last August to see if that would help, and it did, a wee bit but after tonight's upgrade, I can't wait to ride to work tomorrow to see if the volume upgrade does the trick. This will allow me not to wear the Dr Dre Beats that I have been using.


Also, I changed the voice from an English speaking lady to an Italian speaking lady,......ahhh, amore!!

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Just curious but did you update to the beta version they have or to 4.1.1?


I did the 4.2 beta. On the way to work, I actually turned the volume down a bit,.....that never happens.

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