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What to put on the other end of a Fuse Block?

Michael B

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Have a 2011 R1200 RT and would like to know options for the other end of a fuse block before installation.


Would like to use accessories that all seem to use cigarette plugs...GPS, CB, etc. I'd like to avoid direct wiring each accessory to the fuse block and have a bunch of loose ends floating around on top of my fairing.


Is there such a thing as a 4 or 5 or 6 cigarette plug panel that could be mounted on the fairing somewhere close to the steering head? Waterproof maybe? I'm thinking that when you want to use an accessory, plug it into the panel, then unplug at the end of the day.


Any of you genius farkle wizards out there have any suggestions? How many accessories will the CanBus system handle at one time? Thanks!!



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My experience with cigarette plugs and receptacles is that they are of fair quality at best and more often quite poor.


The cigarette plugs and receptacles have always made a poor and often intermittent connection.


While I always have one on my bike, it is used only for charging phones and Sena headsets, usually when stopped.


Hardwiring is the best option.


If you are set on sticking with the cigarette plugs, then this might work. It could be hardwired into the bike, using as many as you need.


As to being waterproof, no way.



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I've seen that farklebar at a couple of rally's. IMO, the thing is an eyesore when mounted and with all the stuff mounted and plugged in you still have a mess of plugs and wires as well as way too many things to distract your attention from riding requirements. Just my 2 cents.

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You might try what I often do as a temporary measure, like on rental bikes - stick a cig-lighter receptacles "one to many" in your tank bag. On the cig-lighter male end of that unit (that suplies the power), replace it with an SAE connector, like is used on a Battery Tender connector. So when the bike not charging, just connect the SAE-to-cig lighter to that and you've got receptacles for your phone, GPS, etc.


You can get neat and fancy with the connection to the tankbag. There are all sorts of ways to tidy up the installation so you don't have to route the wires through a partially open zipper.

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I generally have one wire to the tank bag and a couple cig. lighter sockets inside. There's also one cig. plug under the seat. I will rotate the ipod, cell phone, frs radio, etc. to charge them in the tank bag. the gps usually gets plugged in all the time under the seat. It's not super duper, but it works for me. When I'm away from the bike, the tank bag pops off and goes with me for theft prevention. I hate having all that stuff mounted on the dash and out there for sticky fingers.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. See...there are real farkle wizards out there! I'm not convinced yet to actually install the fuse block. The idea of an SAE hookup for a couple of cigarette plugs in my tank bag may be the best idea to pursue...thanks Deek.


At least I have some ideas to chew on. Thanks again guys! This is an excellent place to noodle out ideas!


Michael B

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......At least I have some ideas to chew on. Thanks again guys! This is an excellent place to noodle out ideas!



Yes, but everything I think that, I end up with 3 or 4 new ideas so the project possibilities never seem to end! :grin:

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SAE connectors are OK if they don't have to be disconnected to often. Coxial connectors are much easier and look good too. I've harvested a bunch of male and female connectors from various electronic devices that were dead or obsolete.


Keep an eye out for them. You might have to remove the female connector from a circuit board, but that generally is pretty easy.

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