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Fort Bragg


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For me, DVD in January was a no go, so on the Spur of the Moment, Brooking and Monterey shall meet in the middle....... See ya this afternoon Heck

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I tried to get my bike back together last evening to go but ran into a bit of a pinch. Swingarm location for bottom shock mount is too narrow. Why me?

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Joe, that sir is a bum deal. I hope you get it sorted soon.


Well I came into Fort Bragg from the north at 2pm -+ and got to the middle of town as Heck came toward me from the south... couldn't have timed it more perfect.

The ride down was absolutely stunning. The rivers were running wild, the ocean breakers were large and the sky spectacular .

Time to get some food and look for the elusive olives that Heck has been going on about

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Prolly should be in Ride Tales, but without pictures.....

Home at 4:30 PM- Good ride home- no performance awards even though... Just a little icy in the mountains. No spills.

Was great to see ya Tank. We're gonna have to do that Mexican Restaurant again- food was excellent.

We tried to get ya to go Jan & Sharon.... I'm still belching olives.... :thumbsup:


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No camera ,no pictures. Home 4:40 pm.... fantastic ride home. Waved to one leo 15 miles from home and he waved back... two thumbs up. As always, the most I expect from this forum is the friendships developed around the riding, even if its just 500 miles for an evening dinner and conversation.... thanks Heck. It just doesn't get any better

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