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New Bridgestone Touring Tyre


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Bridgestone has just introduced a new touring tyre, the T30, which will become available in Europe in March. Here's a "preview" I snapped myself:




It appears Michelin has caused quite a stir in the touring tyre market with the PR2 first and then with the PR3 and everybody is attempting to catch up.

These look quite similar to the S20 I have on my Honda in both thread design and technology. They are superb sports tyres but hardly "all weather".

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They look purty!


I thought the BT023 heavy carcass was supposed to be Bridgestones catch up tire to the PR2 and 3. Tried a set and got 7,500km on it. I usually get 14,000km on the PR2 or 3.


I won't test another Bridgestone until people get some reasonable mileage out of them again. I used to get 13-14,000km out of the BT20's (average over about 17 sets) so let's see if their new tire can at least perform to this level.

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As far as I'm concerned, purely a matter of how you choose your handling versus life ratio. More of one, less of the other. The problem is both are very subjective and hard to assess and vary with a lot of factors including season of the year.... and everybody is certain they have 20/20 judgment.


I like a good handling touring tire - and find the BT023 just right, and is my pick for the moment. But once in a while, I treat myself to a super sticky and love it, albeit briefly. I'd also like to be off-road once in a while, but that takes more than a tire change, sniff.


For sure, I don't see the bike world as just playing catch-up to Michelin bike tires, rather late to our market.



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