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Spies to Duc


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I'd just be happy if MotoGP became worth watching again. Currently it's only value is as a sleep aid.


Ben's an interesting case. So much talent. He beat probably the toughest super bike racer on modern history. Then he went to Europe and complete destroyed the WSBK guys. Then he gets to the big show and he sucks, despite riding arguably the best all-around bike out there.

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Yes, would just love to see him have some success in 2013, maybe the duc will be the ticket... But I agree it's gonna be hard to be better than last years ride.

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It's not the factory team.

Parmac might be a bit closer to the factory than before ... announced Jan 16 per MotoGP.com


Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati Corse MotoGP Project Director)


“We’re very pleased with the agreement we’ve reached with Ignite Pramac Racing Team for 2013, which has the Francesco Guidotti-run team taking on factory-supported status, with an even closer link to Ducati’s racing department.

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I was a big Spies fan in the WSBK series but then in Moto GP IMHO he could not get it together.


Sure, a run of bad luck but still... everyone has that to some degree.


This time he has to put up or shut up... just say'n

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