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light magnesium metallic paint alternatives...


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They seem to have this in the UK...Not US.. and many hexhead owners may have need for touch up.... anyone know another source (yes, I checked ColorRite)...


"We have been notified by the manufacturer that the item(s) listed below in your order 57558 have been marked discontinued and are no longer available in any U.S. warehouse. The item(s) listed below has been removed from your order and your original payment method credited.


Discontinued & Cancelled Items:





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If your looking to touch up the valve cover I found the perfect match, it's made by Dupli-Color paint # BNS0595 Platinum Met . Purchased at Pep Boy's . I had a small scuff mark/scrape on my cover so I took it off ( was doing a valve adjustment anyway ) and brought it right to the store and found what I thought was a pretty good match. Used a 600 grit sandpaper just on the spot I wanted to touch up, wiped the area with some rubbing alcohol , taped off the rest of the cover above the scape and gave it a light spay of paint , waited a few minutes and sprayed it again. Waited a few hours and buffed it out. You could never tell there was ever a mark on it, came out perfect.

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Thanks for advice, Guys. I have been playing around with metallic paints from a hobby shop... minor touch up...


... I thought the valve covers would need a high temperature paint... guess not!



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