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o2 sensor


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hello folks... i have an 01' r1100s, i want to remove the cat and install a y-pipe..my question is can i simply unthread the o2 sensor or will the wire break..?..thnaks..jim

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If you're really careful, and a bit lucky, you can unscrew the sensor but there is a real risk of breaking the wire at the sensor. Follow below and spend the extra 1/2 hour.


The connector for the O2 sensor is, slightly, under the tank on the right hand side. Off with the tupperware, remove bolt on the right, rear of the tank and lift it up, it needn't come off. Disconnect the wire and dangle it. 7/8"/22mm wrench to unscrew the O2 sensor. Repeat, in reverse order, rerouting as needed, to connect the sensor after the y-pipe install.


Some sticking points if you have never pulled the tupperware before. Don't forget the two bolts behind the medallions. Be careful of the little plastic tabs around the fuel cap surround. The tank moves first up at the rear and then slide back a bit to clear the rubber bungs. Have a bit of patience with the clip under the front shock rebound damping adjuster, It does come out but needs a bit of wiggling. Strong language, carefully applied, will ease the transition both in and out. A center stand, or a Pit Bull rear stand comes in really handy. Oh yeah, a long, ball pattern, 5mm hex socket is really handy for access to the flange screws where the y-pipe bolts up to the head pipes. So long as you have gone that far, pull the front head pipes and drain and renew the transmission fluid. Mobil 1 75W140 full synth will make your shifting a pleasure. 14mm hex wrench for that baby. 12mm on the fill plug.

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