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20 Years ago


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20 years ago I was riding to work,Stopped at a stop sign and looked down and saw this,,Took it to work and put it in my tool box,,Never could figure out why someone would cut a stack of ten's like this,,Last night I was watching Pawn Stars and a guy brought in a stack just like it,,,Now I know what it is and why it was cut like this,,Any guesses ?????? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IMG_0640.jpgIMG_0643.jpg

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Tim, do you really expect us to believe your story about finding that laying in the road?


Time to fess up. How happy were you when you found that unexploded dye pack in your bundle of loot? :lurk:

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Robbed a few banks have you :rofl:


Oh no... no bank jobs here.


just some logic. the only reason to cut a cavity into stack of paper is to hide something or to smuggle something, an old trick I learned in my prison days :)


Books are the best for such thing to hide a gun or a key, jewelry or money in it. ( mine is in the middle book case-the 2nd top shelf - 5th book from the left :)


The only reason to cut up money like that is for the bank to hide something in it. Who needs to hide something inside money?


Banks- dye packs,

Feds / law enforcement (or other people with lots of money- Casino) to radio or satellite track movement of "stacked and wrapped" money.


Does your shows any sign of splattered dye.

You can be a good sport and hand it over to law-enforcement to have them check it for fingerprints... other than yours of course. But repeatedly keep telling them "i didn't do it" :)

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