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Adding on electrical peripherals / existing loads R1200RT


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Just recently I thought about adding an after market stereo system to my 2007 R1200RT, and began wondering if my electrical system could support the draw of another device. I could'nt find a definitive answer for normal operating load (without add on devices), although one souce claimed he believed it was about half of what the maximum output of the alternator was.


Anyway, found these stats on 2007 R1200RT which someone may find useful when looking at amp / watt loads.


12 31 - Alternator with drive and fasteners

Alternator manufacturer and type Bosch three-phase alternator with integrated, fully electronic voltage regulator

Alternator speed for start of charge 1200 min-1

Maximum output power of alternator Voltage 14 V 660 W

Generator, gear ratio 1 : 1.8

Maximum output current of alternator at engine rpm 4000 min-1 55 A

Alternator drive Elasto belt 4PK582

Elasto belt, length 582

+ 4

− 4


Rated current of alternator at engine rpm 1000 min-1 27 A

Maximum speed of alternator 18000 min-1


63 10 - Front lights, position lights and side lights

Bulb for parking light W5W / 12 V / 5 W

63 12 - Headlight

Bulb for high-beam headlight H7 / 12 V / 55 W

Bulbs for the low-beam headlight H7 / 12 V / 55 W

Distance between headlight and vertical surface

For headlight adjustment 10 m

Distance between light/dark cut-off and mark at height of centre of headlight Suspension set to basic setting and motorcycle loaded with 85 kg 15 cm

63 13 - Flashing turn indicators, front

Bulbs for flashing turn indicators, front P21W / 12 V / 21 W

63 17 - Foglights, additional lights

Bulb for rear fog light P-25-1 / 12 V / 21 W

63 21 - Rear-light cluster

Bulb for tail light/brake light P21W / 12 V / 21 W

63 23 - Flashing turn indicators, rear

Bulbs for flashing turn indicators, rear P21W / 12 V / 21 W


Other sources found: PIAA 1100x: 110W -for both (about 7.8 amps)

Zumo 15W max (1.07 amps)

Rumble Road Raw 200 amplifyer: 15 amps max (about 210W)

OEM heated grips unk, but most aftermarket use (about) up to 4 amps

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It is inconceivable to challenge the alternator's capacity or even to worry much about discharging with a lot of city driving.


But there are issues with how you handle the fuses, wiring, and various circuits and capacities. Also how you relate to the key switch. Not rocket science, but needs to be thought out.



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You can add the stereo. Head over to EasternBeaver.com for goodies that might make the install easier and look good in the process.

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