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Picture of ur cockpit!


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Would like to see pictures of the cockpit area of your motorcycle. Here is mine from older motorcycle I had and did not like the set up. So I am trying to get so other ideas.


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Joe Frickin' Friday
Ya, I am having issues...........lol working on it.


I think it's BMWST, not you; I couldn't get an uploaded picture to display for me this morning either.

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I think with the software in this forum, pictures work MUCH better linking them from Photobucket, etc...


I've done a fair amount of mods to my RT.. here's a recent pic (Yes, I had to add a huge amount of auxiliary fuses.... but hey! ;)


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Just wondering, are you also able to 'engage' the pain in the neck, moronic car drivers that are scattered across the land???


Why would you think that? Cause, you are RIGHT on the money! Man, you should see....

In fact, I have short video that shows one of the features I added to my bike, I stole this idea fromn a K1600 user. You might enjoy it. ;-)


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Ahhhhhhhhh what beauty!!! Now adda GAU, and a medium caliber chain gun, along with defense response; perhaps flares and you are ready to the half blind half wits that occupy the metal motorcycle eating autos of the world!

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Bill, what brand is that dash mount? Like the looks of it. Trying to get my GPS up higher. It's low now and I want to change my short tank bag for a taller one.

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Sorry this took me so long. Bike was ensconced in my garage until this week.




PS: Does not show Bar End mirrors I have on it.


Roy :grin:

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