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Hand brake stays on sometimes

Mark Mayo

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At times I hear the ABS sound after releasing the hand brake. This stops after the bike is warmer and has been in use. I have been on long, long rides where it never happened. It is worst when cold and I need to move the bike around to wash it.


1. What could I do or have done to stop this?

2. Does this sound like something I should worry about more?



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Afternoon Mark



Are you sure the noise you hear is the ABS controller pump & not the electric fuel pump?


If you are sure it is one of the ABS controller pumps that is staying on then you really need to address that.


Could be a bad switch or a bent switch leaf, or a sticking master cylinders piston, or an adjustment issue, or even a slightly sticking lever or pedal.



First, you need to determine if it (the pump staying on) is being caused by the front or rear lever/pedal. Then once the end is identified you need to determine what is sticking, broken, or misadjusted.


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