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Pioneer receiver install question


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Hey all!


Just bought a Pioneer X3500UI head unit to install on my '03 R1150RT. I didnt purchase the Z3 connector (read: didn't want to wait for it to come in the mail). But almost immediately ran into the wiring problem: colors?


Found this in another post:


Purple =Fuse 3

Red=Fuse 8


Yellow/Purple=L speaker

Yellow/Red=L speaker return

Blue=R speaker

Blue/Red=R speaker return



So then:

Brown = ground

Purple with black stripe = switch

Red with white = constant


Radio won't power on. In the process I shorted purple/black against the stereo (accidentally) and blew the radio fuse, so there is power. Just can't figure out which wire goes where.


Does anyone have ideas or ran into the same problem?

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Problem solved! It was a blown 15A fuse (from the previous owner) that was causing this.


The only thing left to figure out is a switch wire as the way it is connected now - it dumps settings when I lock the fork.

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