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Radar Detector

Al Navecky Jr

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Al Navecky Jr

I am looking at buying a Radar Detector. I have looked at Escort 8500, Rocky Mountain RMR-C450, and Valentine 1. I did a post search and did not find any thing.



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The Rocky Mountain stuff is widely acknowledged as pure crap. And, they charge a substantial restocking fee if you return one of their items. I've got two Valentine Ones and have used Escort 8500 quite a bit. They're both quality units, but I really prefer the Valentine. It's a hundred bucks more, but it works two hundred bucks better than the Escort.


Try searching the archives. There's been a lot of discussion of this very topic over the millenia.

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I did a post search and did not find any thing.


You might want to look at the sticky post thread in the Support forum, because there are tons of such threads. Not that you can't ask again, though. smile.gif


Side by side testing of the Escort and V-1 in the real world showed better overall response and useability of the V-1.

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I agree. The only advantage that the Escort has is the built in earphone jack (you need to purchase a kit for the V1 to get the earphone jack.)


I use a Valentine, set up in my tankbag like so.



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