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New here from Lancaster PA


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I have done alot of looking & finally decided to post up. I own a 1994 K1100LT & a 2010 R1200RT. So i will do more reading & searching before i ask something that was asked a hundred times.



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Thanks for the welcome, i also have a 76 & 78 project naked goldwing. I have tried baked oatmeal & not a huge fan & they sure do push scrapple & shufly pie (aka suger rush)

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I grew up in NE PA, it is a beautiful state. Just a little to snowy for my tastes now that I am past the age of , , , well let's say doing paper routes for cash. (Man, if that doesn't date me...)


Welcome, nice stable of bikes you have.

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Lancaster Pa....You are not part of the Amish Mafia are you?



Welcome to the site.

I find the search here to not work very well...not picking on it, but it seems to broad and often hard to find what you are looking for.

I usually look for a bit and if I do not find what I need, I ask.

If it already there, someone usually posts a link to the other existing thread and that helps.

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