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Mounting Piaa 1100 LED's on my 2012 RT

Bones 181

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The salesman at Bob's BMW said that they would install them but I thought I'd like to DIY.I'm looking for some advice from someone with experience on this installation.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

It's going to depend upon how and when you want those lights to work. Only on low beam, only on high beam, switch, no switch, what bracket, where mounted and so on?

I'd recommend a Centech fuse box first.

Then also look at the aux mounts for lights from TwistedThrottle.com or advdepot.com P/N LAH.07.817.10000.B

They hang just below the mirrors. I have a pair of high beam only LEDs mounted on them.


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Thanks Danny. I think I'm going with the lower fork leg option shown to me at the dealership and a on/off switch.I will wire through my centech fuse block. I think it'll be easy and won't require tapping into bike wireing.

I'll let you know.

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I have a set of Danali lights (from Twisted Throttle) mounted on my front forks wired via a PC-8 (like the Centec) with the on-off switch mounted on my right handle bar near the brake fluid reservoir that I can reach with my thumb from the right grip. I made my own mounts from aluminum stock that mount to one of the caliper bolts. The Piaa 1100's I think are bigger than the Danali's and may weigh more.

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I have PIAAs mounted above my mirrors using the Police brackets. Send me a PM and I can send you some pics. Works great!



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